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The Gyroscanfield is a 3D, real-time measuring equipment whose function is to directly visualize the electromagnetic radiation of a Device Under Test.


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It is entirely built using dielectric materials in order to remain almost neutral in terms of electromagnetic perturbation introduced by the measuring equipment.
16 sensors with detachable antennas are spread over a 60 cm diameter ring. A set of different antennas is available corresponding to your requested frequency and sensitivity ranges.
Each elementary sensor around the loop converts the electromagnetic received energy in a corresponding calibrated range of visible colors by using RGB LEDs. Each sensor has an A/D converter for backup and data mining.
The operation of the measuring equipment and the acquisition of data is done using an Android tablet PC. DC powering of the DUT can be performed either from the top and / or the bottom of the instrumented loop.


Technical details
Ring diameter 60 cm
Max dimension of the object under test 30 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm
Number of sensors 16
Type of sensor detachable sensor with antenna and detector
Sensor base multibanded antenna (2G; 3G; WiFi) with detector 50MHz at 3 GHz
Speed rotation 20 turns / sec max
Number of acquisitions per revolution 720 acquisitions / turns / sensor (1 point / 0.5°)
Fonction Max Hold N tours
Antenna Factor Automatic recognition of the antenna card inserted. Consideration of antenna factor
Unit of measure dBm, dB(µV/m), dB(V/m), V/m
Picture Automatic or manual taking a photo of the DUT
Weight / Dim : DUT 10 kg max / 20 x 20 x 20 cm
Data Format Compatible with NFS / XML standard - Viewer available for free
Dimension (H) 100 cm x (L) 75 cm x (P) 85 cm
Weight 40 kg

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Gyroscanfield pictures

Highslide JS
Using Gyroscanfield in anechoic chamber
Highslide JS
Gyroscanfield use to characterize a electronic module.
Highslide JS
Direct visualization of the radiation of an antenna.
Highslide JS
Characterization of the attenuation of a material in specific.


Video presentation of the Gyroscanfield in operation.


3D radiation pattern of a smartphone using the Gyroscanfield.


DECT burst captured by the Gyroscanfield.


Application to the localization optimization of an antenna.
Objective : Results :
Select the most suitable antenna for maximum gain and define its optimal location. With Gyroscanfield, we were able to quickly identify the best antenna. An optimization step was carried out. Measurement duration: 1/2 Day


3D radiation pattern of an Iphone / Galaxy S3 / BlackBerry
Objective : Results :
Establish communication at between an iPhone and a base station simulator at a contant power and measurement of the 3D radiation pattern using the Gyroscanfield. Using the Gyroscanfield, we were able to view and acquire field strength emitted by each phone.
Duration / Acquisition / 1 '
Highslide JS
Analyse des résultats avec le Viewer
Download visible results with the viewer. - Results IPhone .XML
  - Results Samsung Galaxy S3.XML
  - Results BlackBerry.XML


Comparison: SIMULATION / MEASUREMENT (Export CST > Viewer Luxondes™)
Objective : Results :

With the CST™ software, a comparison between the WiFi antenna simulation results and the real antenna radiation is directly performed by the Gyroscanfield. The free Luxondes™ viewer is used.

With CST™, we export the simulation of antenna (FFS) then import the viewer Luxondes™ allowing an efficient comparison.
Measurement duration: 1 '
Highslide JS
Analyse des résultats avec le Viewer
Download visible results with the viewer. - Mesurement antenna .XML
  - Simulation antenna cst .CST


CST import a source (. FFS) with GYROSCANFIELD data.
Objective : Results :

With the viewer it is possible to export the measurement using the CST data farfield format. (.ffs)

With CST, we import measurement data from the Gyroscanfield to integrate a real source (measurement) in the simulations.
Download moéle CST with data from Gyroscan. - export data gyroscan .FFS
  - antenna format cst .CST


RF attenuation measurement for carbon fiber plates.
Objective : Results :

Measure the HF attenuation (2.4 GHz) provided by a carbon fiber material.

Using the Gyroscanfield, we make a measurement with a reference antenna and then compare the various carbon plates.
Measurement duration: 30 '
Highslide JS
Analyse des résultats avec le Viewer
Download visible results with the viewer. - Ref Antenna .XML
  - cartbon fiber plates .XML



Analog signal conversion
Direct visualization of the amplitude
Burst visualization (2G)
Fixed antenna sensor    
Sensor ( antenna card) removable  
Control via tablet  
Data acquisition  
External trigger  
Auto-Scale fonction  
Max Hold fonction  
Multi frequency sensor  
Drivers (GPIG; USB)    
Phase mesurement (internal reference)    
Internal signal generator    

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