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And real time automatic association of a physical quantity at a location x, y, z in an area scanned.


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Today, to reference a measurement point in space, we must identify and record precisely its position. We also need to associate the recorded data to the measuring conditions in order to reproduce the experimental setup during the analysis phase. The system described in this paper overcomes most of these constraints. It operates a stereovision sensor that automatically places the sensor in space and combines the corresponding environmental data. We can quickly acquire a large amount of measurement points to achieve a complete mapping field, for example. This will be automatically documented. Due to the presence of a virtual measuring grid, this new device improves the repeatability of the measurement.

Technical details
Max scanning surface 300 cm x 200 cm
Max number of points in X 100
Max number of points in Z 60
Scan speed About 3' for a 5 m2 surface
Picture Automatically taks a picture before each measurement
Type of sensor Detachable sensor with antenna and detector
Sensor base Broadband antenna
Spectrum analyseur Data acquisition with a spectrum analyzer. Output V(Y) Zéro Span
Antenna factor Take into account the FA measurement.
Unit of measure Depending on the type of antenna used map
Data format Compatible with NFS / XML standard - Viewer available for free


Presentation of the Kinect™ system.

Highslide JS
Presentation du système de cartographie KINECT
Highslide JS
Carthographie en chambre anechoide.
Highslide JS
Copie d'écran du logiciel d'acquisition.
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Affichage de la cartographie avec le viewer .


Using the Kinect™ in an anechoic chamber.



Low frequency cartography using a kinect™


Mapping the shielding effectiveness of a microwave oven.
Objective : Results :

The simplicity of the system allows the mapping of the field in a domestic dwelling. Ex: Microwave oven, WiFi, etc ...

Mapping of the radiation to a microwave oven in operation.
Duration / Acquisition: 3'

Highslide JS
Analyse des résultats avec le Viewer
Download visible results with the viewer. - micro onde OFF .XML
  - micro onde ON .XML
  - Additional Information


Mapping the inside of a vehicle using the system.
Objective : Results :

The objective is to quickly acquire the inside the car EM (2.4 GHz) cartography measured in a vertical plane.

The speed of this system allows to obtain a cloud point in a virtual grid on a very short time. Several configurations could have be done in different vehicle. (Kangoo, Master)
Duration / Acquisition: 3'

Highslide JS
Analyse des résultats avec le Viewer
Download visible results with the viewer. - Scan Kangoo 3D .XML
  - Scan Kangoo with picture .XML
  - Scan milieu camion .XML
  - Additional Information



Sensor card compatible antenna Luxondes™
Probe field specific ( Narda, HI6105, ...)  
Vertical scan plane( X , Z )
Horizontal scan plane ( X , Y )  
Automatic Antenna Factor  

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