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The swing arm scanner allows simple and fast mapping of electromagnetic radiation.
Different frequency ranges are possible upon the selected antenna card.


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Near field measurement of the characterization of electromagnetic pollution generated by electronic components arranged on a printed circuit activity fields is important in electromagnetic compatibility measurements. A widely used principle consits in a measuring table on which the electronic board is in operation. A controlled movement of two or three axis sensor is moved in a point to point parallel above the table in a predetermined plane mesh. Each measurement point in the mesh is stored. Then, a mapping field is built and the effective provision of the card under test is indicated on the field map obtained. This measurement requires certain precautions and a post-processing. The swing arm scanner overcomes some of these limitations by providing quick, high resolution direct measurements. The scanner is made ​​from composite materials so as to remain neutral for EMC.

Technical details
Max scnaned surface 30 cm x 20 cm
Max number of points in X 4000
Max number of points in Y 1000 / mm
Scan Speed 30 sec / A4
Picture Automatically picture taking before each measurement
Type of sensor Detachable sensor with antenna and detector
Sensor base Small loop magnetic field antenna
Spectrum analyseur Data acquisition with a spectrum analyzer (optional)
Antenna factor Automatic recognition of the inserted antenna card . Consideration of antenna factor
Mesurement unit Depending on the type of antenna used
Data format Compatible with NFS / XML standard - Viewer available for free
Dimension (H) 200 mm x (L) 700 mm x (P) 420 mm
Weight 20 kg

Poster GMMA Nice 2011


Highslide JS
Scan d'une alimentation à découpage
Highslide JS
Carthographie d'un TAG RFID à l'aide du scanner.
Highslide JS
Carthographie du rayonnement d'un microcontroleur.
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Carthographie 50Hz d'un bloc d'alimentation.


Mapping of the power emitted by a RFID tag .



Mapping of the radiation of a power supply unit (transformer)


Mapping of the radiation of a switching power supply


2D radiation pattern of an RFID TAG
Objective : Results :

Mapping a RFID tag field emission.

With the swing arm scanner, we place under a sensor in communication with a tag reader. The frequency marker is centered on the frequency response Tag.
Duration / Acquisition: 3'
Highslide JS
Analyse des résultats avec le Viewer
Download visible results with the viewer. - Results Tag_RFID .XML
  - Additional Information


Mapping of a disturbance radiated by an electronic card.
Objective : Results :

Using a loop antenna card (Fc = 16 MHz), locating a source of disturbance.

The swing arm scanner has enable to quickly locate the default. Various measurements have been made ​​with several types of shielding.
Measurement duration: 3'
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Analyse des résultats avec le Viewer
Download visible results with the viewer. - electronic card .XML
  - Additional Information


Mapping of the magnetic field emitted by a power supply.
Objective : Results :

With a magnetic sensor card, we measure the radiation of a power supply transformer .

With the scanner, we were able to quickly view both magnetic radiation lobes of the transformer and their orientations.
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Rayonnement 50Hz d'une alimentation avec transformateur


Radiation comparison of a micro controller printed circuit using different ground planes.
Objective : Results :

Measure the radiation of a micro controler with and without a metal ground plane.

With the scanner and a suitable antenna card, we were able to quickly and accurately measure the difference of radiation with selected ground planes.
Measurement duration: 3'
Highslide JS
Mesures avec et sans plan de masse


Map the magnetic field of a magnet.
Objective : Results :

Using a specific antenna card (Hall Effect sensor), measuring the magnetic field of a magnet.

With the scanner and the corresponding sensor (Hall effect) we measure the amplitude of the magnetic field of the magnet.
Measurement duration: 3'
Highslide JS
Mesures avec et sans plan de masse



Analog signal conversion
Direct visualization of the amplitude
Sensor ( antenna card) removable
Control via tablet
Data acquisition
External trigger
Function Auto-Scale
Picture of the DUT
Multi frequency sensor  
Drivers (GPIG; USB)  
Phase measurement ( Internal / External)  
Internal signal generator  

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