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SCANNER Phi / Théta

Phi Theta scanner, allows a 360 ° measurement
plans H and V.


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It includes:
- A rotating arm on lesquel can adjust the distance between the probe and the DUT.
- A rotating plate which will be positioned.
It is made only PMMA materials to avoid the influence of the frame on the measures.
Engines are shielded and deported to the side to avoid any radiation.

Détails techniques
Maximum distance between the DUT and the probe 60 cm
Max number of points in phi 1000
Max number of points in theta 1000
Total duration of acquistion 20 mn or + depending to the number of acquisition
Driver cmd Labview
Datas Compatible with NFS / XML standard - Viewer available for free
Sensor base HI6105 probe field
complex measure Network analyzer (S21 amp & phase)

Photos scan Phi / Théta

Highslide JS
Mesure d'une antenne patch avec le scan3D
Highslide JS
Diagramme 3D d'un monopôle avec le scanner.
Highslide JS
Scan en chambre anechoïde.
Highslide JS
Affichage de la cartographie avec le viewer .


S21 of a patch antenna in an anechoic chamber.


Measure the S21 for a patch antenna.
Objective : Results :

S21 (amplitude & phase) 3D a patch antenna.

Visible results with the viewer.
Duration / Acquisition: 30'

Highslide JS
Analyse des résultats avec le Viewer
Download visible results with the viewer. - Amplitude .XML
  - Phase .XML
  - Additional Information



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