The LUXONDES compagny presents


the new Radio Waves Display & 3D Visualisation

Presentation of the Radio Waves Display

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This new system of measurement and visualization of electromagnetic radiation
includes 64 sensors operating between 50 MHz and 3 GHz.
Bidirectional communication (USB) is established between all sensors and a pc.

Analysis and visualization software
for the Radio Waves Display




  • - Real-time adjustment of sensor sensitivity.
  • - Dynamic adjustment. ( from 60 dB to 3 dB )
  • - Acquisition speed. ( max 50 frames / Sec )
  • - Recording of data. ( . bin & .dat )
  • - Max Hold function.
  • - Graph of the average of different areas.

Radio Waves Display inside a
reverberation chambers




  • - With the MaxHold function visualization of the field distribution.
  • - recording data on a stirrer's turn
  • - Graph of the average of different areas.

Pictures of the different Radio Waves Display

See what our client are saying ?


“Rapidly identifying the spatial structure of electromagnetic fields”.

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Philippe BESNIER, Head of CNRS research at the Institute of electronics and telecommunications of Rennes


In 2015, Orange Lab will order Luxondes start-up a device unique in the world: a slab for viewing in real time the electromagnetic waves that pass through it. It will allow them to really show the general public the focus and its potential to reduce the energy consumption of future 5G networks.

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Dinh-Thuy PHAN HUY , Senior R&D Engineer on wireless communications at Orange.


At the langevin institute, we work in the fields of ultra-broadband communications in complex and reverberant environments, applications of time reversal. The purchase of the luxondes Radio Waves Display allows us to improve our algorithms and visualize in real time the focus of the waves.

Geoffroy LEROSEY & Mathias FINK, Langevin Institute. ESPCI Paris: "Waves and Acoustics laboratory"


Luxondes means measures versatile, quick and easy to use providing an economic response to the needs of measuring electromagnetic radiation. Fast, Easy to use, Global.


Luxondes is a spin-off from the IFSTTAR research center. Since 2012, it has been developing EMC measurement and visualization systems such as Gyroscanfield or Radio Waves Display. Luxondes work in collaboration with public laboratories, such as Institut Langevin in Paris or INSA in Rennes, as from industrial operators. Orange Lab, for instance, uses it to fine-tune its research on the new technologies associated with 5G.


luxondes will be present at RF-Hyper 2018
RF & Microwave Show


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