TThe LXDisplay case allows you to display on your own smartphone the variation of electromagnetic field corresponding to the frequency band selected with the antenna card.
The app that you can download free of charge with the QRCode located on the case permits you to visualize the field level received by the antenna card’s detector.
A prescan function activates the preamplifier part of the antenna card reader, which enables you to get the maximum dynamic range whatever the amplitude is between the Min and Max.


With the QRCode you can download the latest version of the APK Console.

  • The QRCode located on the LXDisplay allows you to download the Console.APK application
  • This application also allows you to gather different Spectrum Analyzer data

PreScan function

  • When the prescan function is activated, the electronic module will search for the Min and Max values of the signal. Once disabled, the Gain Offset part of the amplifiers will amplify the signal to a have full scale and therefore the maximum dynamic range for the A/D converter.

Export PDF

  • With the console application, it is possible to export the curve and the experiment’s configuration in a .PDF file automatically created in associated folder: /root/luxondes/console/
  • You can also test the export in simulation mode