Radio Waves Display 400

The Luxondes radiofrequency to optical conversion panel directly displays the ambient EM-field or the radiation of a transmitting DUT that is placed in front
of it. It comprises 400 (20×20) autonomous identical sensors working as elementary visualization pixels.
 The representation of the EM field is provided through a gradient of colors. On the side of the panel you can change the sensitivity and dynamics of the system.


Optimization of 5G antennas

Orange Labs uses Radio Waves Display to optimize the performance of new 5G antennas.

Use for time reversal.
Video below

Visualization of the radiation of a monopole antenna

With the Radio Waves Display it is now possible to directly visualize the radiation of a monopole antenna (nodes and anti-nodes) according to the frequency emitted.

Visualization of the radiation of a 2.4 GHz antenna

Viewing electromagnetic radiation emitted by a 2.4 GHz source
(analog Tx / Rx video module)