RWD – 64PC

This new EM radiation measurement and display system includes 64 sensors operating between
50 MHz and 3 GHz. Bidirectional communication (USB) is established between all sensors and a pc. This one allows to adjust in real time the sensitivity and the dynamics as well as the speed of acquisition. The software developed allows the recording and the reading of the datas as well as an in-depth analysis of the results.


  • Real-time adjustment of sensor sensitivity.
  • Sensitivity : -60 dBm à 0 dBm
  • Number of sensor : 64
  • Minimal dynamic range : 3 dB
  • Bandwidth : 50 MHz à 3 GHz
  • Number of displayed colors : 1024
  • Acquisition speed : 50 max (1 acquisition = 64 sensors )
  • Recording of data : .dat .bin



Distribution of the EM field in a reverberation chambers.


  • With the MaxHold function, it is possible to check the distribution of the electromagnetic field inside a reverberation chamber.

  • MaxHold function on a stirrer turn

  • Verification that each sensor records a maximum value

Visualization as a function of time (Burst)

  • With an acquisition speed of 50 Img/s it is possible to observe the image evolution after brief phenomena
    (> 20ms) as a function of time.

  • The scrolling function (film) allows to visualize continuously in 2D the evolution of the field.

  • The curve function makes it possible to directly display the evolution of the field (moving average over N acquisitions) on various sensors previously selected.